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Doing what I do best

Speaking up for the people. I found my voice and I've learned how to use it. As long as I'm needed I will continue to use it!

My greatest strength comes from being with the people.

Generate excitement. Keep the momentum going.

DEBORAH BARROS: Faith Family and service

As a full-time employee, mother and grandmother, it is imperative that I work hard and be focused on dedicating myself to my responsibilities and consistently be vision oriented in the welfare of their future. That requires my persistence in all aspects of my community and unified efforts to serve others. As a mother and grandmother, it is essential to me in being the protector and backbone of my family and community to ensure their upbringing is nurtured with cohesive transparency, equality and justice. It is my hope to bring my visions as a change maker to our community by restoring that which has been lost and lead this community to improved settings for all our children, our elderly, our homeless and veterans alike. I want to be the tie that binds our community together for progress by asking you to join me in the support of this new endeavor.

About Deborah

Deborah Barros 

  • Former journalist 
  • Public relations professional
  • Former Transportation Specialist 
  • Community Liaison  
  • Advocate and motivational speaker
  • Author  "The Potiphar's Wife Syndrome
  • Advocate for healthcare, education, and juvenile justice reform, CJ/Correctional reform 

  • Founder of Project Restoration, INC High Risk Victim and Human Trafficking Advocacy program which also focuses on domestic violence and sexual assault. Focusing on Family in every aspect as it relates to second hand victims. 
  • Advocacy, family service and activism

Personal Statement

I believe in "We the People." The people of the 6th District Commission deserve better representation. 

My neighbors deserve someone who cares about their healthcare. 

My neighbors deserve not to have to make a choice between going to the doctor and putting food on the table. My neighbors deserve someone who cares about the health of the community and economic growth, the Infrastructure and Race Relations. 

My neighbors deserve someone who cares that they're working full-time jobs, in many cases more than one job, yet still can't afford quality housing, food, education, and childcare. 

District 6 includes senior citizens who receive essential benefits from Social Security and Medicaid as well as those struggling with opioid addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. Parents who care about their children and the safety of their children. These are populations who need leadership to show our love, concern and support. District 6 includes my neighbors, my family, and my friends.  

We are "We the People." I will represent the people, ALL people of Alabama's 6th Commission District. I have always been an advocate for my friends, neighbors, and community and I will never get tired of trying to make a difference for those struggles that exist in this District and throughout the State.  Your fights are my fights. Your story is my story and my story is your story. 

I am "We The People" and You are "We the People"!

I am running for County Commission District 6 because I care.. I see you, I hear you. Our needs are shared together. My goal is to be that change I want to see. 

To be a beacon while utilizing my voice to help those in need. I AM SO DEDICATED, ENERGETIC AND READY TO GET TO THE COMMISSSION . 

I am prepared to be voted in by the people as opposed to being appointed. I want to be A FULLTIME Commissioner to you. . A Commissioner who will continue to push forward in bringing that much needed focus back to District 6. 

I am claiming this win to be your voice. I hope I can count on your support. 

#inittowinit #teambarros #beconcerneditsyourcommunity