About Deborah

Deborah Barros is a former journalist, public relations professional, and Transportation Specialist and Community Liaison for Durham School Services in Huntsville, AL. She is a tireless advocate for healthcare, education, and juvenile justice reform. 

Deborah works for "We the People" -- your concerns are her concerns, and your fights are her fights. Your vote is your power, so power Deborah to the polls as your next State Senator. 

Personal Statement

I believe in "We the People." The people of the 7th District deserve better representation. My neighbors deserve someone who cares about their healthcare. My neighbors deserve not to have to make a choice between going to the doctor and putting food on the table. My neighbors deserve someone who cares that they're working full-time jobs yet still can't afford quality housing, food, education, and childcare. 

District 7 includes senior citizens who receive essential benefits from Social Security and Medicaid as well as those struggling with opioid addiction, mental illness, and homelessness, all populations who need our love and support. District 7 includes my neighbors, family, and friends. 

We are "We the People." I will represent the people of Alabama's 7th District. I have always been an advocate for my friends, neighbors, and community, and I will never get tired of making a difference for those struggles, and your fights are my fights. I am running for State SenatI care about. Your struggles are my or to be a beacon and utilize my voice to help those in need.I AM SO DEDICATED, ENERGETIC AND READY TO GET TO THE SENATE  ITHAT I HAVE BEGUN DRAFTING 7 BILLS. I KNOW THEY WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO BE EDITED. But I'm moving forward. Im claiming this win to be your voice. I hope I can count on your support. 

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